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Moving out

Advice for cleaning when moving out

When you leave your room or apartment it should be thoroughly cleaned and in a well-kept state. Storage or other spaces that you have used shall be empty and cleaned. If you don’t clean yourself you need to make sure it is done by someone else. If the cleaning is not acceptable at inspection, we will have to charge you with the full cost of having the cleaning done. The checklist below will help you to fulfil the demands we have on the cleaning when moving out. If you live in a room you are also to clean other cupboards etc that you have used, for example in the kitchen. If you work by the checklist you can be reasonably sure that we will accept your efforts.

Checklist for cleaning


When you move out, there will be an inspection of the apartment/room. We will then inspect the state of the residence concerning interior design, furnishing and cleaning. Spaces that come with the apartment, for example storage and/or balcony shall also be empty and clean at inspection. If you have made big holes, for example to put up a shelf, you need to fill these with putty and sand paper and paint over these. Material can be retrieved in the office. Please let us know a couple of days ahead so that we can order the material. It is your responsibility to schedule a time for the inspection. You can do this in the office in house F. We encourage tenants to be present during the inspection.


All keys belonging to the room/apartment are to be returned to SUSbo’s office according to agreement. Remember that the tenant is responsible for the charge of lost keys.


If you are affected by vermin you shall contact Anticimex. It is your responsibility to report this to Anticimex, there will be no additional charges for you as a tenant.